Melissa Kite. Till Faith Do Us Part

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Melissa Kite. Till Faith Do Us Part

Postby abrogard » Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:45 pm

13th Oct. 2012.

Melissa Kite writes a two page spread about religion, specifically about conversions between faiths, particularly the current prevalence of conversions from 'Christianity' to Islam.

Christianity in quotes because it is apparently a very loose, ill disciplined Christianity being practiced by these people for the most part.

What I take offence at is the fact that throughout the article Ms Kite fails entirely to address the question of 'right conduct' or 'holy conduct' or 'appropriate conduct', 'moral conduct' or whatever you want to call the kind of conduct that is nurtured by religion.

The purpose of religion, as I understand it, is to inform your conduct. In your own interest. Your wider interest. That is to say, your communal or social interest, your interest in the real world amongst your fellows.

The religions are supposed to show you the 'right' way to conduct yourself. In this, your own interest and in the interest of your fellows.

There are many, perhaps, that believe the purpose of a religion is NOT the above but is, rather, to teach you how to conduct yourself in order to 'please' your God. Or 'GOD' - all religions claiming there's only the one god we should perhaps just say 'GOD'.

Well I won't wear that.

And if that's where Ms Kite is coming from then I guess we'll have to agree to differ and that's that.

She goes on to say:

" I would not convert to someone else's religion for all the tea in China.." and

' ..having inherited a strong faith I don't have to worry about changing it..."

All of which betray a loving and devoted religious bigotry.

Which would be probably the paramount social evil in the world today.

I think it is quite clear to anyone at all after the smallest amount of thought that all religions are artificial man made structures almost entirely devoted to satisfying the irrational and selfish desires of individual men here and there.

And they do this in the name of having a special knowledge of what GOD wants of us.

A ludicrous pretence.

But one we are often happy to fall for in our desperate desire to have some certainty in our lives and some understanding of this chaotic madness known as human life, human social organisation.

We want to 'please god' in order to benefit ourselves.

Back to what I said earlier:

We are following these charlatans in order to ascertain how to conduct ourselves in our own best interests.

It is ludicrously obvious that they don't show us this direction. Never have.

Except underneath. At the core. Of, at least, the Christian religion.

For it teaches 'Do unto others...' and that's enough.


Intelligent men and women everywhere come to the realisation that rellgions and the religious office holders are flawed, false, erroneous, bigoted, blind, hypocritical, etc.., etc.. and turn away from ceremonial religious attendance and belief.


The fundamental truth is that the majority of the human population seeks to live a 'religious' or 'holy' or 'devout' or 'good' or 'spiritual' or whatever-you-want-to-call-it life. And THEY DO SO. In the absence of clergy and robes and rituals and observances and bullshit generally.

These people are the truly religious. They are the truly 'faithful'. They are the 'true church'.


And this is the trouble today. This simple, self-evident fact is lost, forgotten, unheeded.

The 'real' Christians for the most part do not attend churches, do not preach 'holy writ', do not dress up in weird costumes... they simply live good, kind lives and 'do unto others...'

The blight, the madness and the evil is these religions.

Religions are organisations devoted to following men and the preachings of men.

Under pretence of passing on the 'word of god' via 'god's chosen channels'.

A blatant madness.

True 'believers' follow the God of good behaviour and 'do unto others'.

Truly if Jesus Christ were alive today he'd walk unnoticed because no one looks amongst the people for Jesus Christ, they look amongst the religions and the 'religious'.

In fact Jesus Christ doubtless is alive today, represented by thousands and millions of instances of selfish devotion and sacrifice in the face of screaming horrors of existence most of us can't even imagine and that which those caught in it cannot escape.

This woman - Melissa Kite - and all those like her are symptomatic of this great darkness all across the planet.

Fair enough. Leave them to it.

But we can't. They will involve all of us in their insanity. Look around. That is what is happening everywhere. Ordinary 'good' people forced into one or other of these mad camps of 'believers' and then death and destruction wrought upon them in the name of the camp they are in being the 'wrong one'.

Any sensible reading of the New Testament, chaotic shambles of doubtful provenance that it is, with concentration upon the words ascribed to Jesus Christ brings one to the conclusion that 'right behaviour' , 'pleasing to god' comprises 'doing unto others' and requires one to find one's own way and to test things, beliefs and contentions, whether they be 'of god or not' and to know people and things 'by their fruits' and so on and so on...

'..why callest thou me good? ' and so on... directing people to use their heads and not be led around by the nose but keep fixed upon the simple right direction.... doing as you would be done by...

or to mix things up a bit: ' there is no god but god... and that art thou... '

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