I Quit and Price and The Web

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I Quit and Price and The Web

Postby abrogard » Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:53 am

My print subscription expires in a week. I emailed them today - Australia - and queried digital subscription because all I found on the web was the UK edition and a price for it which was nearly the same as the print subscription.

They didn't respond to the query directly, only by implication, saying 'goodbye'.

I weary of it.

Columnists write columns and no matter how good they are at it they, in the end, look, feel, sound like columns. There is a similitude.

I read Taki's mag and experience that there.

There's a flavour.

No matter how contentious the subject, no matter how significant, no matter the content, it boils down to that: no matter the content, it is, in the end, merely this month's or this week's column and it sinks without trace.

They don't really care. For they don't have the time to care. They have to write the next column.

Therefore, they are careless.

It's get wearying, reading careless writings....

But what else are we going to read? Dunno....

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